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:30 on this welcome back to work and school. 63 degrees in woodbridge, 65 in rockville and temple hill, 66 in vienna. the dew points are in the '60s. pretty comfortable in terms of humidity levels. temperatures are warmer than yesterday. in the district, 70, mostly sunny today, a few scattered clouds. high temperature near 90 with allied southwest wind. welcome back, lisa baden. >>> thank you. there was no overnight construction because of the long holiday. map and describe things rolling nicely. out of southern maryland, about -- 228 anhd to 28, s21 210 looks nice. traffic moving nicely. looks good on 66 and 95. back to you. >> thank you. >>> the end of the holiday weekend, back-to-school means more buses and cars on the nodes. >> expect the worst, according to aaa. courtney robinson is all 270 in rockville. >> good morning. things are looking pretty good right now, but with all the schools in our area back in session and many going back to work, to let it says expect gridlock. organisation predicts terrible traffic on this tuesday. it will be forced ingestion in the past few months. that means you
this labor day. other locations, include leesburg, woodbridge and fair oaks. the alexandria, leesburg and woodbridge locations will be open from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and the fair oaks location from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. the reason for all of these extended hours is because virginia's dmv is trying to dig itself out of a backlog of driver's license and identity card transactions after the state-wide computer system crashed for a week, 11 days to be exact. the governor is calling it an unprecedented failure and apologized for the inconvenience to dmv customers and its employees. >> i'm not happy about it. it's been a real disruption to employees and citizens. they have been working 24 hours a day with a large team of northrop grumman employees to get that done. i have ordered a thorough review to find out what happened. >> that review the governor was talking about will be a third party paid for by the contractor northrop grumman not the state of virginia. >> is in the last day of the extended hours? >> no. this is not the last day. if you don't want to be here waiting in lines on your h
beltway. pace improves headed down into woodbridge. coming northbound being we have the crash before triangle. that activity on the shoulder. 66 eastbound not looking so bad right now leaving fair oaks towards 123 open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> we have more now on hurricane earl, the category two storm making itself felt on the maryland show. >> the wind gusts are picking up. we'll head out to sherry ly standing by with more. >> reporter: we are expecting the win to go up throughout the day. hurricane earl way offshore about 150 miles. it is expected to pass offshore from ocean city but we are going to feel the effects and we are already feeling those. a little bit of rain here and there. if you take a look out here at the ocean, can you see we've got the waves really picking up. this is the tide going out towards low tide. so that is one benefit that we're having as far as the timing of this storm. take a look overhead from the fourth floor of our hotel. we have a camera up there that can give you an idea of just how expansive this is and how r
will be jammed up from 109 to the truck scales and 95 north is heavy through woodbridge. >>> it is back to school day for hundreds of thousands of area kids. this morning is the first day of classes for students in fairfax, prince william, stafford, loudoun and arlington counties. students in the city of alexandria go back to school today. in fairfax, it means new fees for some parents because of budget constraints. you'll have to pay a $100 per sport activity fee and $75 for ap and ib tests, the county school septembuperintendent kno fees are steep but fairfax isn't the only school to adopt the policy. >> if you have a child playing in three sports, $300 a year. we've mirrored what loudoun county put in place the prior year. >> fairfax county is the largest school district in virginia and one of the largest in the country. >> be prepared for gridlock today. every year the return to work and school after labor day marks one of worst commutes in the d.c. area. making it what's been dubbed terrible traffic tuesday. tracee wilkins is live in college park overlooking 95 for the morning commute. this
county, woodbridge, stafford. those are two to three inch storm totals. four to six inch totals across parts of southern maryland down route 4 in to calvert and st. mary's county and even six inch totals across the northern neck. back to the weather computer. if we can, i want to show you the moisture streaming in from the south. low pressure coming out of south carolina already produced upwards of 20 inches of rain in eastern north carolina. obviously flooding is going on there. this will be with us for the day. maybe lessening later in the afternoon. you can see how the moisture continues to stream north. look at those deep oranges. the deep tropical rich moisture moving north. with that and a storm tracking to this west. a tornado watch until 7 a.m. this is a short lived one. i imagine this will be replaced after 7 a.m. and basically everyone east of 95 including washington, much of howard county, eastern montgomery, down to the northern neck, southern maryland, eastern shore. tornado watch until 7 a.m. and as far as the flood watch, we have the flood watch until 9:00. the counties
. it is threatening to stack up through woodbridge into lorton, but no major accidents to report and continuing towards the beltway, the pace lightens up through newington and 395. 395 no problems, 95 here, volume is on the increase. center of the screen is hov and they are wide open right now. >>> 5:23. uproar over an adult theme store, how some upset neighbors plan to fight back. money can't buy you happiness, guess what? apparently i >>> a dramatic and dangerous climb in downtown san francisco ended with a climber arrested. he used suction cups to make his way up the millennium tower in san fran. he hung an american flag. the patriotism did not impress police, they quickly arrested him. it's not clear what if any message was behind the climb. >>> a former jetblue flight attendant who made a notorious exit is expected to be in court today where he is charged with criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing. he argued with passengers before grabbing two beers and jumping from the plane on its emergency chute. now everyone is talking about it. >>> consider this before you ask your
leesburg, woodbridge and fair oaks. the alexandria leesburg woodbridge will be open today. these extended hours will be in affect next weekend, as well. they are trying to dig out of a massive backlog of driver's license transactions after the statewide computer system crashed for an entire week. the governor is calling it an unpress denned failure and apologized for the inconvenience to virginia's dmv customers and its employees. >> i'm not happy about it. it has been a real disruption to employees and citizens. they have been working 24 hours a day with a team of northrop grumman employees to get it done. i have ordered a thorough review to find out what happened. >> reporter: northrop grumman is the company that he state contracted to deal with these computer system issues and we know they will pay for the third party review after this is said and done to determine what went wrong because this is most likely one of the largest computer system failures that has ever happened of this kind, especially in the state of virginia. so this is certainly not an ideal situation for dmv employees
anthony thompson's home in woodbridge. they were fighting. he bit her on the arm. officers were called back to the house and they arrested him on charges of violating a protective order. he is being held on bond. >>> the story of the hostages has gripped the nation. they are scared -- sharing more with greta kreuz about that terrifying day. tell us what you heard. >> these two men told me they still have flashbacks. they said they still see the face of james lee. they also tell me that the support of family and friends and their faith are helping them get through this. >> the first thing i saw was the gun. the first thing i heard was, "on the ground." >> he said horrible things about humanity. >> key and his co-worker still relived the horrific ordeal -- he and his co-workers still relive the horrific ordeal when they were took hostage. >> i prayed as hard as i could to get out of there. hail mary, the guardian angel prayer. >> he wears a guardian angel pin that his mother gave him. he laid on the floor for hours. negotiations were not going well. he finally decided to make around for
. 63 in woodbridge. 68 thaksin no, 66 in reston. 68 in lexington park. 70 degrees downtown. 90 for the high tetris. mostly sunny, scattered clients. los humidity. the average high is 82. -- scattered clouds. lau to lisa baden -- now to lisa baden. >>> beltway travel and interstate travel look good. looks good out to the airport. the focus will be on neighborhood streets. we are very quiet. a good run in the mixing bowl in reston. back to you. >> thank you. >>> today could be the worst traffic they this area has seen in months. courtney robinson is along to 70 -- along 270. >> as we begin to see school buses and many commuters heading to work, we will seek a just and pick up. there's not much you can do. get ready to hit the brakes. >> it is part of living in the city. >> today will be one of forced traffic days in the metro region. people are back to work and back to school. >> terrible traffic tuesday, absolute worst gridlock in three months expected, the day after labor when everything comes to haunt us. >> the traffic nightmare will only get worse with many construction pro
through woodbridge or heading out of town late, no problems to report as well. as we continue to the capital beltway, we're in great shape coming back from the eastern shore, lanes are open. here's the pace towards the chesapeake bay bridge, all lanes are open. craig and eun, back to you. >> ashley linder, thanks. >>> 5:12 is your time, 63 degrees. students attacked. police are investigating a crime spree at the university of maryland. who is being targeted and who may be responsible? >>> he became a working man's hero overnight. the jetblue flight attendant could be hitting the unemployment line. >>> mikhail salahi's new gig, >>> mikhail salahi's new gig, what she's saying about being just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our egg white breakfast sandwiches. hurry in and try one in delicious veggie or turkey sausage. [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. go to to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achieve
's 95 southbound. southbound as you proven route 1 woodbridge. only the far right lane getting by. we'll keep you updated on that at the moment because police and fire crews arrived very little in the way of delays. there's the outer loop near the interchange at river road. 270 down to tysons moving along nicely. out to the rails we go. metro and vre doing fine. brunswick 10 minutes behind schedule. >>> a new book suggests members of prident poe bam ma's national security team have doubts aboutis military strategy in afghanistan. nbc's tracie potts joins us with a first look at this book by a veteran journalist. >> reporter: this will comeout very soon. this is a book by bob woodward of watergate. it's called "obama's wars." he talks about whatas going on inside the white house as they tried to figure out what to do in afghanistan. as president obama was ramping up troops, tripling the number in afghanistan, some of the top national security advisers, members of his team were really concerned about whether or not that would actually work. in fact, one of thos who expressed doubts acco
corners. traveling northbound on i-95 out of woodbridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> the wheaton metro station back up and running this morning after escalator problems forced it to close for several hours last night. the problem surfaced right in the middle of the evening commute an many red line passengers were forced to take a shuttle either to the glenmont or forest glen station. the station's elevators were already out of service before the escalator malfunctioned. >>> we learned more about the massive computer crash in virginia last month. inorganic ron grumman is paying $250,000 for an independent review of the mass viv jail y -- massive failure that affected the agencies. >>> investors are watching and waiting for data. we'll have more on business beat. >>> more on what the president had to say about the state of the economy when we come back. a >>> president obama taking a break from formal speeches for a business bift a discussion on the economy during a backyard gathering in fair fact. the president announced he is confident the country w
county and southern loudoun and northern fairfax. this woodbridge to springfield is lifting to the north. you see it clinton, as well. north beach little shower about to move through and just in though gaithersburg now a decent shower is falling there but much of the afternoon has pulled north. we will widen the picture. to the west and southwest, amissville to warrenton this is lifting in our direction. the bus stop forecast this morning, no surprise, rain showers and drizzle. temperatures generally in the 60s with the sunrise at 7 a.m. parts of the shenandoah valley are in the upper 50s. we will slowly climb to the lower to mid-70s this afternoon. some upper 70s south. won't be raining all tee time but we will call it numerous showers and thunder possible with highs in the mid-70s. on the, shower and storms. some could be severe on the. damaging wind gusts 65 to 70. don't have a weather radio i suggest you sleep in a lower level if you have trees nearby. don't take chances. mainly a.m. showers and storms. clearing by midday if not afternoon. highs 80. southwest winds 10
and eight years old. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. >>> a woodbridge man is behind bars and police say a teenage girl accused him of rape. he was arrested following an investigation on saturday. investigators say a 13 year old said he sexually assaulted her in his home. he remains held without bond. >>> biking around the district got a little easier today. d.c. and arlington launched its new bike shared system. 1100 new bikes are available to rent. you pick up the bike and ride it or you need to go and you leave the bike at a station nearby. >> arnold schwarzenegger's daughter comes to the region with an important message. >>> summer officially ends in 48 hours. >>> trent williams had an mri done on his knee today. i will have the results for you. there was an awful lot of frustration at redskins park today. frustration at redskins park today. i will take you i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ america needs clean energy, and america needs job
and getting through woodbridge, nothing in fredericksburg, in baltimore, uneventful. 270 looks pretty good in germantown. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 65 degrees. we have a warning for homeowners. why police refused to respond to a prolonged debt went off. >> the lady always helped sali if you needed something. >> firs >> a woman's belongings are scattered after she was evicted from her northwest apartment. eliose diaz fell behind on the rent after losing her job. now jim graham is trying to get some of the items stored and police are temporarily guarding e belongings.eriod >> >>> lawrence summers is retiring from the president's economic council and going back to harvard to work. >>> there were no reports of enemy fire at the time of the military crash in the middle east yesterday. >>> a woman was found dead tuesday, it greenbelt apartment and 8500 block of greenbelt road. morrilton learned about the victim. of what we learned. >> always smiling. >> we just saw her hanging outside the building, it was so sad to see. i could not look at it. >> jackie was a salted and left to die in the s
and and and bill, it should be cleared up shortly. springfield traffic looks good northbound out of woodbridge. all lanes are open. >>> it is 4:54. we appreciate your waking up wi. your waking up wi. >>> americans have a love affair with their cell phones. >> she cannot get through the day much less the night without her trusty cell phone. >> i wake up during the night to check my cell phone. >> she is among an increasing number of adults using text messaging. a recent survey shows that 72% of adult telephone users text. that is up from 65% a year ago. >> researchers also found the cell phone is so much more. >> i use my own for my calendar. i use it to do everything. >> it is becoming an important life tool. >> it is a love-hate relationship. >> it keeps buzzing for work. i am on call 24/7. >> it can also be a pain. >> what i do not like about it is you can never get away. >> all day long. they are not paying any attention to me. >> i am always pulling it out to check. >> cynne simpson, abc 7 news. >> i cannot really say much. you have to learn to have limits, i guess. >> we seem to be addicted to
and warrenton. 67 in woodbridge. 65 in stafford. 68 in martinsburg, 67 in hagerstown, 78 in the district. forecast, and dry, mostly sunny, like the past couple days. "orange inequality. highs in the mid-90s. a few degrees cooler tomorrow, low to mid 90s. cooling off into the weekend, the cold front that moves in on friday. low 80's on saturday and sunday with sunshine. will talk about the latest on hurricane earl in a few minutes. >>> very interesting. in frederick, md., southbound on 15 at 26 liberty road, if traffic is able to get through after a crash. newschopper 7 is flying over 295 coastal nsa on the late laurel. normal speeds. let's go to a map. no problems on 270, but the volume of traffic leaving 80 to get to 109. virginia, plenty of your neighbors hitting the votes. 95 delays are typical leaving the prince william parkway to route 1, a woodbridge. back to you. >> thank you. >>> d.c. driver's can expect some closures as work continues on 11th street bridge project. vdot will close portions of the bridge, the southeast/southwest freeway, and 295. that is mondays through fridays a
in woodbridge. 95 traffic in springfield, headlights moving nicely northbound. let's look at the geico camera, 270 looks good. the is approaching 109. back to you. >> thank you. >>-- delays approaching 109. >>> the battle in the d.c. mayor's race has been fierce. the incumbent mayor and vincent gray face-off for the democratic nomination. pamela brown is live in southeast with the grueling fight to the finish. good morning. >> that's right. the long fight in the mayoral race culminates today. both top candidates will be out in full force. they're trying to get every last vote. the polls close at 8:00 tonight. as the clock ticks down, the top two candidates have been pounding the pavement all over d.c., is in their efforts to jockey the vote. >> the most important decision to be made is who is the best person to move this city through the next four years and the challenges we face, education, jobs, housing? i am the best person to do that. >> vincent gray has steadily been a hit in the polls. voters believe he is an electable guy. >> he exudes a genuine love for the city. >> fenty supporters s
in woodbridge. winchester holding at 49 degrees. today's forecast shows high temperatures that will be 85 degrees or so. mid to upper 50s tonight. near 80 degrees tomorrow. let's look at the extended outlook to see what's going on in terms of the next couple days. let's look at the satellite and radar. there's a cold front will offshore. skies are beginning to clear. that is what is allowing patchy fog to develop. a look at traffic right after this. >>> beltway travel looks great. nothing to report at the american legion bridge at wilson bridge. let's pull up a couple of cameras beginning in virginia. first of all, we are at glebe road. i got a little nervous. there was lingering road work. westbound everything is open a glebe road. if there's a traffic pattern change on the 14th street bridge. the lanes are not divided. everyone stays to the right to get across the bridge. the 270, there was a dear crash southbound. lanes are now open at west montgomery ave. back to you. >> thank you. in music's hottest stars this stage last night for the wards.deo music coa lor the night belongs to lady
that occurred just minutes ago. this is 95 northbound near route 123 in woodbridge. you can see one vehicle spun sideways. left half of the roadway is currently blocked. this is one of two or three separate accidents on the 95 corridor in virginialready this morning. there was another one down around dunnfry. you're going to have to keep your speed way down this morning and just be aware of your surroundings. let's head on over to maryland, and update you on the inner loop of the beltway. authorities just dispatched for an accident, inner loop between conneccut avenue and georgia avenue. of course we had the tractor trailer jackknife reported inner loop after the i-270. in addition to 270 southbound, at leas one accident in rockville that authorities are on the scene dealing with right now. out on the rails, good option this morning, metro, vre m.a.r.c. doing fine so far. >> thanks, jerry. >>> coming up, sarah palin's stalking concern this morning. >> plus a look at what'seing done in europe after what's being called a credible terror threat. ♪ [ male nouncer ] it's luxury with fire in its vei
yesterday but you still feel that silver spring is at 70 degrees and woodbridge is 70 degrees. we are right around and the lower 70's. let's go to the maps. we got this in about half an hour ago and the wheat pollen is in the higher range. everything else is on below end. 96 was the high temperature yesterday at reagan national airport. that makes it the 52nd 90-degree day so far this year. 67 is the record for 90-degree days. 91 is the average high temperature and it looks like we will be well below average this afternoon with ties mainly in the upper 70's and a few degrees cooler come tomorrow. we are still employed by high pressure behind the cold front that came through yesterday. that will be replaced by a new storm system which hours at a that that is developing in the midwest. as it pushes our way, it could pick up some moisture and toss that our way and give us a chance for showers by sunday. tonight at 11:00 p.m., 67 degrees and not quite as windy, clear and comfortable tomorrow morning but chilly in the low 50's. high temperatures will be in the mid-70's tomorrow and rising for sa
park. play of the day from katrina from forest park high school in woodbridge. this is quarterback joseph walker. senior receiver troy tyler takes it up the sideline 25- yards an the panthers win the game 19-14. >>> hey, high schoolers, would you like to be a campus correspondent? you get a free flip cam and a chance to win a $5,000 scholarship log on to dc.high school >>> strasburg found his season cut short last month and now another face is likely shut down for the year, yes, zimmerman will miss his fifth straight game with a strained rib cage and with six games in the season remaining the team source say he is done for the year. he hit 307 and 25 home runs and in fact fan rates him as the second most valuable player in the national league behind the reds joey vato. >>> the game proves when they hire nfl rest are refs they don't test for short term memory. >> unnecessary roughness on number 52, excuse me a minute. >> okay. >> now you -- tell us, do you remember which guy had the holding penalty? this went on five minutes and he came back and corrected himse
fredericksburg, no big problems through woodbridge. here's the pace through lorton. along the far side heading up through the capitol beltway. as we travel elsewhere out of maryland along 270, here's the pace past montgomery village, no major tie-ups to report. the beltway is also in the clear and no big marc train delays to start you off and metro is has everything running on time for now. >>> next time you drive through georgetown, you may notice a big change at one of busiest intersections. drivers heading towards the city on m street are allowed to make a left turn on wisconsin avenue. a bus stop was relocated in order to make room for the change. transportation officials say the change was made at the request of the residents and community leaders. >> but that left turn, have you ever been stuck looking to make the left -- i don't live in the area, i guess i don't care about the parking spots. the time is 4:54. a federal warning about popular drink claims. ♪ i believe in yesterday >> sir paul mccartney has reason to plan another trip to d.c. >>> the jetblue [ male announcer ] antiques can
of the video you can only see right here on abc7 news. >> the couple that live here in this woodbridge, returned from the race track where there were playing poker. there were gambling with their lives to save the horses. while capturing the fast-moving fire on their cell phone camera. >> how many horses are in there? >> they ran toward the hollywood casino. >> i felt my shoes were going to melt off of my feet. >> the fire quickly spread from one building to the next. they tried to pull as many horses from the stable. >> we were literally going from stall to stall. >> the billowing smoke inside and the fire quickly became too much. >> this group is on fire. you people need to move. the roof is on fire. och >> at least 25 horses were killed in the blaze that damaged three barnes. several of the horses raced at the track but the barns are not bound by the racetrack. is a a large race was held on sunday and the barns were fall. >> flames were shooting about 60 feet are set of the barnes and buring very quickly. >> they did happen to be in the right place at the right time. >> for whatever
were dead. >> they spotted the flames on the way home to woodbridge after a night of poker at the nearby hollywood casino. >> you cannot get down there. it is too hot. >> they captured of all, from the blazing horse barn to the couples desperate attempts to save the horses trapped inside. >> there were other forces and how we could help. >> the couple went from barn to barn, coaxing the animals to safety. >> i felt like my shoes were going to melt. it was panic. >> in the end, there was not a tough time. >> you have got to go. >> in all, 27 forces died. >> there was no chance. >> the 26 horses that they were able to save walked on the level, as well as four tiny kitchens came out to say thank you. >> we were supposed to be there. >> fire officials estimate that the barn suffered $1.2 million in damage. investigators say that at this point they have a lot of questions for a lot of people. >> coming out, details about today's hostage situation in georgia. >> authorities struggle to rescue a teenager struck -- stuck in a raging river. that story and chevy chase bank is becomin
offices in alexandria, woodbridge and l leeburg. >>> five red line stations are shut down all weekend long, the closed stops are glenmont, wheaton, forrest glenn, silver springs and tacoma. crews are making track repairs. metro is offering free shuttle service between the stations until the work is finished. the repairs should wrap up before rush hour on tuesday morning. >>> an early voting option is creating a strong turnout at polk stations in the district. d.c. residents can register to vote before they cast their ballots. council chairman vincent gray hit the pavement today to get support before voters went into the polls. michelle reid was wearing green, her support was as a private citizen, not a city official. her wedding was scheduled for today but she recently postponed it. >>> early voting is not just in the district. maryland polls were open for the second day. voters came out early in montgomery conti, prince georges county and about a dozen others across the state. polls will be closed tomorrow but reopen on labor day and continue through next thursday. voting centers are open
unidos y solo washington y virginia los consulados de woodbridge y de washington sobre la avenida wisconsin habremos reinscritos alrededor de 9000 personas en el area de washington alrededor patricia lleva mas de 10 aÑos en el pais amparada bajo el tps aun tiene la esperanza de que algun dia sera residente permanente y decidio venir a renovar de ultimo momento fue por el recurso el ingreso ...practicamente lo economico por eso hasta ahorita vine a causa de la crisis economica sonia no podia registrarse hasta que logro conseguir el dinero para su registro que la ampara ante inmigracion por 18 meses en el pais falta de dinero ese es el problema y ya vez que no tenemos trabajos por eso eso fue el problema ahora imaginese ahora me parece que hay que ir al correo a dejarlo y pues siempre esperamos a la ultima hora va aver que los salvadoreÑos tenemos esa mala costumbre ... las autoridades consulares creen que despues de esta fecha.. miles de salvadoreÑos que no pudieron renovar s
are related. >>> a woodbridge, virginia, man remains in jail after police say he took pictures of women's skirts at the potomac mills mall. police arrested 36-year-old mark lebel earlier this month the athe mall. officers say he used an electronic pen camera to look up women's skirts. >>> coming up on the broadcast, the vote today a"controversial immigration enforcement plan in virginia. >>> there's new video taken on the plane after two passengers were detained for possible links to terrorists. >>> first of its kind store got ready to open in southeast washington. >>> have you ever seen an animal like this? i'm john shriffen at the animal rescue league. coming up, i'll introduce you to watson, an amazing dog that's caught the attention of the d.c. police chief. >>> coming up in sports, the redskins begin to trim the roster. al also, they make a move with malcolm kelly and find out why this nationals pitcher, his pe chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ gru
, slowing out of dale city through woodbridge and again at the springfield interchange. a change in the traffic pattern at 14th street bridge. all traffic shifting over to the right at the potomac. that's the change in the traffic. yes, you can still make the left-hand exit toward the memorial bridge but once you commit to the bridge you are to the right. and traveling south of 109 in germantown and delays leaving rockville toward the split. no incidents to report here. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> our top story today, rewards for voters who hit the polls early. it's stirring up new controversy in the d.c. mayor race. the estranged wife of marion barry is claiming responsibility for rewarding voters with gift cards. this is the candidate set out for the last day of campaigning. stacy cohan has more on this. >> reporter: good morning. and this proves to be a hard- fought contest to the very end between mayor fenty and vincent gray who has been fighting the good fight and apparently leading in the poll over the last several
service locations across the state this weekend, and in this area, alexandria, leesburg, woodbridge will be open tomorrow from 1:00 until 5:00 p.m. and monday from 8:00 until noon. still ahead on 9 news now, no let up on the violence in afghanistan this weekend. we will have an update ton latest attack. >>> and sky -- on the latest attack. >>> and a sky diving plane with tourists on board goes down. we will have details next. >> in new zealand a sky diving plane crashed killing all nine people on board just 90 miles from christchurch. four were tourists from ireland, evening, germany and australia. the pilot and four crew members also died. cause of the crash is under investigation. >>> in afghanistan, three people are dead and nearly a dozen others hurt when a suicide bomber rammed his car into a military convoy. it happened in kandahar city. officials there say the three dead were all civilians. one of them a child. in a separate attack in the northern province. a bomb planted on a motorcycle killed four afghan police officers and three civilians. craigslist has shut down its erot
heavy traffic getting through the woodbridge area through the patomic mills sign. pretty good shape on 395. >> alison? >> thank you, we want to turn an eye to the 2r07ics. because tropical storm carl made landfall in mexico's yucatan peninsula wednesday. this is outside cancun. the heart of that hit a sparsely populated area of mexico. hurricane igor and julia are out there, too. >> we have 66 degrees. >> coming up this morning a fan favorite is coming back to the drive-thru. we're going to have details in today's "moneyscope." >> i mouthed to the garden. i said run. and he shook his head yes. >> and hear for the first time from the three hostages inside the discovery channel >> we continue to follow breaking news from district heights this morning. three people died when an s.u.v. collided with an ambulance. a live look at the crash scene on marlboro pike. authorities say the s.u.v. was traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes when it hit the ambulance and then flipped over. the ambulance was responding to a call when the happened. three men in the s.u.v. were pronounced dead at
including offices in fair oaks, leesburg and woodbridge. five metro red line stations will be closed because of track work. they aretracktracktrack. -- they are tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont. they are making 13wr06789s along an eight-mile stretch of track. they are expected to reopen in time for tomorrow morning's rush hour. >> president obama is set to unveil a new plan to boost the stalled economy. the president will ask congress to increase and permanently extend a tax credit for businesses to do more research and development. as the white house emphasizes small economic successes, republicans say it's too little, too late. >> we've had eight straight months of private secter job gain. >> the economic policies have failed. you can argue about jobs created and jobs stimuluses, they said -- >> schools in northern virginia reopen tomorrow with more students than ever, and tighter budgets. fairfax county schools have about 3200 more students this year. and 34.5 million less to spend. the school system will cut spending per student by about $300 and there will be mor
one. we do have volume on the increase. 95 heading northbound as you leave woodbridge heading for lorton. certainly not jammed but volume is on the increase. center of the screen is the hov and you're rolling accident free towards the beltway. 270 heading southbound starting to get congested. and then as you continue further south, you do have good news because no major problems to report as you head further south. the pace opens up down towards the beltway. eun and craig, back to you. >>> a small florida church plans to burn the koran on september 11th and it is fueling debate around the world. this morning the white house, secretary of state hillary clinton and military and religious leaders are condemning those plans. kimberly has details. >> good morning, the head of that tiny church of just 50 members could have had the dove world outreach center says he's now carrying a gun on his hip for protection after receiving more than 100 death threats for making statements like these. >> we are going to have an international burn a koran day. >> if people should lose their life,
of this scene, south of lorton right before route one in woodbridge. it is off to the right shoulder and you can see not causing a problem here. northbound 95 looks great in fredericksburg all the way up to springfield. vut host lanes pointed north but the restricts are lifted as is the case on all of our highways except for route 50, the john hanson highway. let's look at video we have an earlier accident, veil road at center ridge drive. this is a serious wreck early this morning of his there was an arrest in this accident. there was also some injuries. we had police police on the scene for some time directing traffic. that has been cleared out. your lanes have been reopened. this is the oakton area of virginia. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> a quick reminder if your plans include metro today. five stayings stayings -- five stations on the red line are closed. here they are. metro continues to work on safety improvements. tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont stations are closed. metro says you should add 40 minutes to your travel time if you normally use
i-95 near route one in woodbridge, we had reports of a brushfire. that is under control at this point. you will fine rubbernecking delays passing the scene out of dale city. top side, outer loop below speed around to georgia avenue with all lanes open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> we are just one week out from the primary elects in d.c. >> the democratic primary will likely determine who is washington's next mayor and the candidates are spending these final days campaigning for your vote. fox 5's sherry ly is live in southeast with the latest on the voting for mayor. >> reporter: the voting is under way and some of the votes have already been cast. mayor adrian fenty faces an uphill battle for re-election the he did get a much-needed boost from the washington examiner today which endorsed him saying that fenty deserves and d.c. needs him for four more years. still, hid his challenger, council chairman vincent gray is looking at a sizable lead in polls. fenty is trying to close that gap with one week to go before the democratic primary. spent the lab
your way in from fair oaks. no incidents reported woodbridge up to 395. >>> we want to go back out to the developing story we are following out of california this morning. a california neighborhood up in flames. one person is dead. more than 50 homes charred. possibly because of a natural gas line explosion. sherry ly joins us live from our satellite center with the latest on this situation. >> reporter: good morning. that explosion created a giant crater that spread flames through the neighbor like wildfire. in addition to that one death, hospitals say about 20 people were brought in with severe burns, some of them in critical condition and that number is expected to climb. the fire continues to burn this morning in the san francisco suburb of san bruno and is only about 50% contained. a gas line ruptured in the neighborhood around 6:00 p.m. pacific time causing a massive explosion. one witness said the blast had a fireball shooting more than 1 how feet into the air. plane and helicopters dropped water and fire retardant from overhead. the fire burned down 53 homes and damaged 120
to slow down. in virginia, so far, we had no accidents to report. 95 coming out of woodbridge is in pretty good shape. back to you. >> we have 66 degrees outside. the time out is5:21. the defense is hard at work for a game plan for sunday. >>> 2005 and never happened that you are counting heisman trophy winners. the heisman trust has declared that there will be no real vote and no winner for 2005. vince young from texas says he does not what the award. >> the redskins went back to work yesterday and started putting in a game plan for sunday's home game with the texans. he was involved in more than half of their place. fined #23 and follow him. the texans can really get it done. >> their scheme is suited to his style of running. we have our work cut out for us. he rushed for over 230 yards last week. it will be a big task for us. >> the nationals beat atlanta at 4-2 yesterday. >> we have 66 degrees on this crisp, cool thursday morning. >> still ahead, unexpected consequences of the financial overhaul. what a local business will have to close. >> good morning, i am courtney robinson on the s
in the district. huntingtown, 53. 50 in woodbridge. low 80's this afternoon. 82 high temperatures, mostly sunny. an increase in the clients tomorrow. there could be areas of light rain tomorrow evening and tomorrow night, 30%-40% chance. >>> no problems at all. looks good on the beltway. normal travel times on 95 between richmond and allied. good shape in and out of baltimore. the dulles greenway and lows total are quiet. good on 66, 270. southbound out of germantown and gaithersburg and eventually rockville, looks like this. metrorail is on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. >>> big news. we begin with a major upset in the race for the district's next mayor. it appears vincent gray will unseat adrian fenty after just one term. 90% increase ex reporting. vincent gray is claiming 53% of the vote. fenty called the nominee to concede the race. >> courtney robinson is following what is next for the fenty campaign. but we begin with pamela brown, following the man who will take the reins of the nation's capital. >> vincent gray will become washington's next mayor. speaking early this morning
for valuables. they stuck in the 1900 block in a wooden. . -- in woodbridge. >> these victims are certainly upset about their safety. a woman that we talked to said she was just a hairbreadth away from being shot in the head. >> this is where my hair is burnt. this is where they hit me. the gun went off. >> the gunmen who barged into her home this morning is still on lives. they say there were seven people in the home, including a newborn, when two men came through the front door after midday. >> they pointed their guns at us. >> they grab this woman took her back to her bedroom. >> i thought she was already dead. >> the men took money and the woman's valuables and got away in a car parked right in front of the house. >> based on the circumstances, it does point in the direction of a targeted occurrence. >> she is grateful that she was not more seriously hurt. the robbers took% of safety and the money she had saved for her son's second birthday. >> everything i saved for. >> this woman tells us that she did not recognize the robbers. one was a man who was average height, the other was a ver
, and southbound trfic is moving down to woodbridge. there is an issue at the moment, they can't open up the gates, everybody heading south on 95 is forced to stay with the main line. hopefully, they will get the delays open. >> a news 4 your healt alzheimer's, a big report, for demettia patien. tracy pots explains to make the health condition a national priority. >> do you know what kind of flower this? >> petunia. it would be bigger than switerlands. adi reports that dementia will cost $40 million. it will cost us 20 trillion to care for those whohave alzheimer's without research to change the risk. they say we need a plan. they are begging congress to make alzheimer's a national priority. >> need a plan, to see the changes consider for those who would most of them living at home with a spouse. >> the artrs of this respect they say, it is something you can't put a price on. >>> bed bugs are a growing problem across the country. now they have invaded a local library, where they would have bookrms. the library shut down the book drop as a result, and employees moved material and carts from the be
in leesburg. in the district, 78. 67 in woodbridge, 74 in damascus. a lot of sunshine and still hot, mainly sunny today all the way into thursday afternoon with high temperatures still in the mid-90s. friday we are looking at hurricane earl. it does not seem to have an impact on our local letter. it will be out of here, regardless of merit it is headed. now to lisa baden. >>> build will travel looks fine. interstate travel looks good. 15 sali of 26, liberty road in frederick, only the right lane in shingletown the crash. debbie traffic southbound 270. approaching 109, only normal volume. >>> 73 degrees outside. >> coming up, you could call it a one in a million shot, but you would be wrong. we'll show you the play of the day from the u.s. open. >> could michelle rhee play a role in the malaise in d.c. police details coming up. >> we will take a close look at too big to my "me time" is when i thought i parked on level 2. or maybe 8? my "me time" is when there's a 10% chance of rain! [ cellphone rings ] my "me time" is when he doesn't get the hint. ♪ my "me time"... [ bang ] is when everybo
says both of them will keep their jobs. in woodbridge, virginia, i'm lindsay, 9news now. >> valdez thought she only won $20. it took her a little while to realize it was the full million dollars. >>> turning now to our storm alert with a look at some of the flooding as it moves up the east coast. in north carolina, this car swept right off the road by all that heavy rain. close to the coastline, people turn to alternative means of transportation, like kayaks to get where they needed to go. you can see them going down the street there. more than 21 inches of rain have fallen in wilmington since sunday. meantime, help several drivers who didn't pay any attention, didn't listen to topper and got stranded in the high water. up in annapolis, store owners piling up the sandbags trying to keep the rising water out of the front door. some streets and sidewalks already looking more like canals. annapolis is also dealing with some backed up sewage lines, which is just nasty and not helping with the flooding one bit. >>> okay. >> you know what will help them. the winds are going pho go northw
a woodbridge. southbound 95 caswell warrick with only one lane getting applied to the right. traffic in the red heading south away from the abc 7 logo. headlights on northbound and quiet. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we have 75 degrees on this thursday. >> apple pulls the next generation ipod and it could be an entertainment game changer. >> ambitious timeline towards middle east peace. >> live in silver spring, a closer look at the man responsible for your place nightmare. >>> welcome back. 5:14. new details about the gunman who held people hostage for hours at the discovery channel building. james j. lee was killed after hours of negotiation with police. now more on his history, with brianne carter. >> good morning. police say that this man is it to be responsible. no stranger to the discovery channel headquarters. he had been here a number of times in the past. in 2008 the man said to be in his 40's was arrested for disorderly conduct after throwing fistfuls of cash into the air. he was ordered tuesday 500 feet away from discovery headquarters as part of probation, and order that was lifte
, necktie. it is 61 and sterling. la plata, 61. 58 in woodbridge. not bad. acosta will start today, but not as cool in the past couple mornings. 82 for the high temperatures today. if the cold front will create a breeze out of the northwest. that is the direction we like. the humidity will get even lower than right now. mostly sunny skies, pleasant today. another dry day tomorrow, mostly sunny. if the average high is 83. pretty much we should be tomorrow afternoon. a west wind at 5-dental. now to lisa baden. -- a west wind at 5 to 10. >>> things look great. a gentle reminder that canal road near reservoir roads will be closed every day this week between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. for minutes. if not only the hwy crew. for a tree-trimming crew and street pavers. >>> what to expect within the next few moments, look at this. heavy volume of traffic out of frederick into montgomery county on 270. newschopper 7 in a little while. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 5:41 on this tuesday, 64 degrees. >>> oprah winfrey is going down under end she is taking several hundred of her closest friends.
. >>> northbound side of 99 in virginia, not bad. a little heavy in woodbridge. 270 southbound, have been getting past about 109 in hyattstown. beltway at college park, if an accident on the inner loop near 95, the ramp is open, still activity on the far right. traveling on the inner loop at route 1 college park there's an accident on the far-right. it has just been cleared out. no delays getting past the scene. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 6:21. 67 degrees. >> thanks for waking up with us on this friday morning. stay with us. " america needs clean energy, and america needs jobs. wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today. >> >>> this man is one of the oldest workers around. a 100-year-old postal worker. they celebrated his birthday yesterday. >> he's worked ther
. lanes are open on i-95. no problems reported out of woodbridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> they help you pass your time on the metro commute but as much as you love your cell phone, ipod or laptop, so do the criminals. robberies are on the rise. from january until june, nearly 550 robberies occurred. that is up about 160 from the year before. will thomas rode the rails with metro transit police to help you cruise your chance of becoming a victim. >> reporter: we are talking about personal robberies not only to trains but on buses. captain leslie campbell of metro transit police joining us. let's talk about who makes a good victim. there is a spike in this type of crime this year so far. as you look around on this platform at gallery place, who is potentially a victim. >> anybody with an electronic device and they are not paying attention on the surrounding. you look over here you have a young lady. >> can we approach? >> sure. >> reporter: ma'am, i'm will thomas. >> i want to let you know we are experiencing a spike in
lorton and woodbridge has cleared. >>> we all necessity that distracted driving can be very deadly and new numbers show it is getting even worse out there. deadly crashes associated with distracted driving jumped from 10 to 16% between 2005 and 2009. the national highway traffic safety administration reports nearly 5500 people were killed in distracted driving crashes last year. young people under the age of 20 are most affected they say. later on today, the department of transportation will hold a distracted driving summit in the district. >>> don't have a bike? no problem. d.c.'s bike care program is kicking into gear. you can pick up a bike from locations city-wide, ride it and return it. by the end of october, there will be 1100 bikes available. >>> putting tap water to the test. d.c. water claims local tap water comes out on top when it comes to taste. the results are from a blind taste test down last week outside dmv offs in southeast. d.c. water wants to let the tap water tastes good, costs just about a penny a gallon and meets strict federal standards. >>> checking a health
left lanes leaving lorton as you continue down from the exit from woodbridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> new this morning, we've learned the victim of a deadly shooting in prince george's county was just 15 years old. investigators say justin pennell was shot and killed. he died from his injuries yesterday afternoon. so far, no suspect or motive in this case. >>> also making headlines, a car goes out of control and runs into a d.c. restaurant and hits two people. d.c. firefighters say the car hit two women sending them to the hospital with serious injuries. the driver of the white car stayed on the scene and was seen by paramedics but she refused to go to the hospital. nobody inside the restaurant was injured. >>> new developments in the race for d.c. mayor i'm new poll shows vincent gray ahead of mayor fenty by seven points which makes the next few days even more crucial for both candidates. sarah simmons joins us live from an early polling place in northeast washington with more on our big story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is more good news
spots to report leaving woodbridge headed up towards springfield. southbound 270 looking good out of gaithersburg. all lane are open as you leave mva headed out towards 370. they are dealing with a water main break. you will find that the through lanes are closed off right now but the shoulder lanes are what is getting you by. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> dozens of loudoun county residents are expressing their opinion abouts a proposed ban of religous holiday displays on the grounds of the county courthouse. last year, the county board decided to allow up to 10 groups to install displays on the ground at a time. >> i would implore you on behalf of our citizens of all faiths to allow those displays to continue. these are the critical tenets of what our civilization is built on, freedom of speech and freedom of religion wrote proper place for religious displays is on religous or private way, everyone is treate fairly. all rights are preserved. the majority religion enjoys no special privilege and the constitution suffers no insult or injury. >>> a health alert n
. heavy on the beltway. no big problems into woodbridge but further south you are in for big delays. it is solid in stafford toward the rap han knock bridge where all lanes >>> former brib british prime minister tony blair is canceling an interview. he tells why he decided to go to war in iraq in his book. he has been the focus of mass protests. blair cancelled the appearance tomorrow because he doesn't want the public to be inconvenienced by protesters and put an extra strain on police resources. anti-war demonstrators planned a rally outside the book signing tomorrow. >>> three wildfires raging in the spanish province of valencia forced the evacuation of dozens of families. seven helicopters and five planes are working on the fire. investigators say they believe these fires were intentionally set. >>> in colorado the fight continues this evening to stop a raging wildfire that has been burning since monday. it is happening in boulder county in colorado. that fire has destroyed at least 3,500 acres and many homes. leanne gregg has our report. >> reporter: 5 1/2 square miles destroye
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